Malpractice Lawsuit Lawyers

Malpractice Lawsuit Lawyers … Making Big Money at your Expense

The debate over malpractice Lawsuits has been raging for quite some time. It’s an incendiary issue, inflaming passions on both sides: those who like the system as it is and those who are demanding change for the common good.

Trail lawyers are on the side that prefer (the better word might be demand) the status quo. They strongly oppose any change and the reason for their position is obvious. As things currently stand, juries that hear cases involving Medical Malpractice or Dental Malpractice overwhelmingly side with the “wronged” patient or Plaintiff and routinely award judgments of millions or, more specifically, tens of millions of dollars.

Malpractice Lawsuit LawyersNow, a Plaintiff (former patient) who has received poor professional service from a dentist or physician or surgeon clearly deserves some sort of financial award for the error committed by the doctor or dentist that has caused pain and/or suffering, perhaps even some form of permanent physical damage. And, while it may seem as if it is difficult to “put a price tag” on something like that, it is necessary to do so … for the greater common good.

Award limits, “caps,” will help keep insurance premiums down and more affordable for doctors and dentists … and the fees they charge for their professional services. Lower costs across the board help everybody … except Malpractice Lawsuit Lawyers.

The forces seeking change in the laws that allow juries to provide Plaintiffs with financial awards in medical and dental malpractice cases are represented by medical and dental professional associations and by thousands of doctors and dentists, as well. They understand that a “cap” benefits almost everybody by enabling costs to come down so that medical and dental services are more affordable … insurance premiums are more reasonable … and critical healthcare services are more accessible to the overwhelming majority of Americans.

However, as is true for all political issues in America, the “fight” taking place in the Halls of Congress, where a new law will either be enacted or avoided is raucous, difficult and often marked by shouts and fits of anger. There is passion on both sides, real determination to keep things the way they are or to force real change.

And since we live in a democracy, the verbal sparring may continue for quite some time before an actual decision regarding malpractice lawsuits is reached. In the meantime, Malpractice Lawsuit Lawyers will continue to rake in huge professional fees for the services they provide to their clients, former patients of doctors, dentists and surgeons who have decided to take legal action against the professionals who once served them.

With the state of health care in America already in a difficult position, with costs spiraling out of control, with a new health care bill recently passed that has some Americans elated, many more angered … it is probably the right time to seek a solution to the problem that has received no answers to date: caps on malpractice lawsuits.

Medical Malpractice Lawyers may not like it. But this kind of change is necessary. It needs to be addressed now.